I welcome the opportunity to share with others my experiences in dealing with Evan Wilcox at a business level. I replicated a "38" Norton Manx racer for AHRMA competition. The racer was built from scratch around a Steve Lancfield double overhead cam Manx motor and an ESII ridged frame. Evan built the gas and oil tank for it using a Norton Garden Gate Manx as examples. The oil and gas tanks made by Norton race dept and later by Evan Wilcox are truly works of art. They represent a way of life and craftsmanship that is disappearing. The tanks are now 2 years old and have many hundreds of race miles on them. I have forgotten the cost, but the aluminum tanks are the most beautiful items on the Manx. I remember that Evan completed the work ahead of schedule. The bike is typically raced at Deland and Daytona as well as west cost AHRMA events. If you are at any of those events please come by and look at the bike and say hi.

Fred Mork
E-Mail - fred@morkracing.com
AHRMA #91 --